Performance Lab

Become stronger, faster, and more explosive with Performance Training at Reign3D. Performance training programs are age and capability specific and offer athletes of all sports:

  • “Functional Training” to ensure a proper athletic foundation, skills that can improve performance in any competitive sport.
  • Customized programs — powered by Vertimax — that develop “Speed Strength” by stimulating the athlete’s muscular and neurological systems to work in harmony like a PRO!
  • Led by qualified coaches, Reign3D members who use the Recovery Lab will also the learn proper pre- and post-workout stretching techniques, balance training, and other skills that are essential for student athletics to minimize their risk of injury while also becoming stronger and faster.

The Reign3D Performance Lab allows student-athletes to maximize their physical potential and optimize their in-game performance.

Small group sessions and private sessions for performance training are available to align with how each athlete prefers to train and Reign.