“Here’s how I’m going to beat you. I’m going to outwork you. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.”
– Pat Summit, Legendary Coach & Olympian


Small Group Skill Instruction

Potential is a gift. Talent is a gift. Skill is earned. Reign3D Skill Sessions are designed to help any player at any experience level continue to develop their skills.

  • Develop and reinforce basketball fundamentals (shooting, dribbling, footwork, etc.)
  • Improve muscle memory through repetition, necessary for more advanced skills and high-pressure game situations
  • Build basketball IQ.

Student-to-coach ratio is capped to ensure every student receives focused attention in group challenges.

Shot Lab

Fill those buckets with Reign3D. Powered by Dr. Dish, Reign3D’s state-of-the-art Shot Lab is designed to:

  • Maximize shooting reps to improve game shots
  • Provide game-speed workouts
  • Track progress with real-time analytics and feedback

Shot Lab sessions are available in 30-minute blocks and can be purchased in single sessions or multi-session packages.

(Most effective for 6th grade and above)

Private Coaching

Only with private basketball instruction can you receive coaching personalized to your unique skills, needs, and goals. It’s the best and fastest way to improve your game.

The right coach can make all the difference, so we’ll help you choose a coach who will match your personality, skills, needs, and goals. With our team of respected and accomplished coaches there will always be a fit who can help you achieve your very best. Every basketball coach at Reign3D has college or professional playing experience too, so they know what it takes to get to the next level and can devote 100% of their time and attention to getting you to YOUR next level!

Film Study

Physical work on the court will always produce competitive players. Mental work OFF the court will transform these athletes into GREAT players. Become a student of your own game by evaluating your own successes, failures, and opportunities through guided film study.

Private Coach Sessions or Recruiting Packages can include Film Study as part of the customized curriculums necessary to take you to your goals as an athlete.

Athletic Evaluation

Evaluating one’s strengths and weaknesses is not optional for success, it is mandatory!

Knowing this, every student-athlete at Reign3D gets access to an evaluation that takes a critical look at the athletes physical capabilities, basketball IQ, and personal goals. Our experienced coaching staff then offers a tailored training plan that can serve as the roadmap to become better than yesterday, every day.

For the most dedicated athletes — those who strive to truly Reign over the competition — evaluations are repeated, goals are updated, and plans are revised. Performance is a journey that always needs a fresh map.

Camps & Clinics

A powerful way to improve your game is to build your basketball community. Reign3D Coaching Clinics and camps open our doors and welcome the whole regional basketball community to learn and love the game together.

You don’t have to look too far to find stories of players who developed lasting and life-long friendships at camps and clinics. Our hope is you do as well. They are stories that make our sport so special.

Whether a coach or an athlete there will be events throughout the calendar year to help you Reign through your role in the game. Keep an eye out for these limited opportunity events.

College Recruiting

Don’t wait to be discovered. Led by former Division 1 Head Coach, Dan Durkin Reign3D helps aspiring college basketball players to:

  • Learn about and navigate the recruiting timeline, from freshman to senior year
  • Maximize physical development (Private Basketball Instruction Required)
  • Exemplify the qualities of a student-athlete
  • Attract attention of targeted programs and their coaching staff
  • Get recruited

The first step to playing college basketball is setting it as a goal. The second is to take these and other proactive steps to make that goal a reality. For those who dream to take their game to a bigger court, Reign can help!

Spots are limited and require application.