How do I register?

Profile should be in athlete’s name and can use parent contact info if a minor.

**Tip: if a parent of a young teen, most will use the teen’s cell phone number for the session reminders and parent email for purchase receipts/confirmations.

If you have multiple athletes in your family, let us know and we can link all of the family members to one account. Email R3D@reign3dtraining.com for assistance.

Download our app

Choose “book now” button and reserve your spot.

You’ll pay with a purchase option available for your session. Purchase options include single session, session package, or membership. If you have a discount code, you’ll enter it in the discount code box at checkout. Don’t forget to click the green check mark to apply it to your purchase!

I keep registering myself for sessions, how do I register my child?
  • Make sure you have created a profile for your child and that it is linked to your account. If you have trouble with this, just ask us and we can assist you.
  • When you log in to the app, you will see your initials in the upper right corner. Click your initials and all of the profiles linked to your account will appear.
  • Click the name of the athlete you wish to register and choose the session you wish to book.
  • If you have multiple athletes linked to your account, you will need to do this to register each one for a session so that the right athlete is registered.
What is Shot Lab? Is there an instructor?
Shot Lab is an opportunity to get in hundreds of shot reps, with a personal counter, rebounder, and analytic stat machine – the Dr. Dish Shooting machine. When you download the Dr. Dish Player app, you’ll sign in on our machines with your cell phone number and all of your stats will be saved to your profile in the app! You can track your own progress and also report it to your coach. So much can be learned from the analytics and we can help you add specifics to your athlete journey by using real time information on your shooting!
Recommended for 6th grade and older.

We do not provide an instructor or coach for these sessions. If you would like instruction, please register for a private session and we can incorporate use of the Dr. Dish into those sessions with a coach.

I purchased a session package, when does it expire?
Our session packages currently do not expire. They are also sharable among family members, so you can purchase one package and use it for all of the athletes in your family.
What does a membership include? Do you have a family membership?
We have two levels of memberships. We currently do not offer a family membership, but we do offer sibling discounts on a sibling membership. You can find the specifics here.
Do you offer team workouts?
YES! We are able to work with coaches to structure team workouts based on the needs of the team. It can be a one-time workout to change things up or we offer pre-season and off-season performance programs ranging from 4-12 weeks.
We can cater to any sport. Reach out to us for more info: R3D@reign3dtraining.com
Who can rent space at R3D?
We rent to organizations for practices led by their team coach. Organizations must provide certificate of insurance. We do not rent to personal trainers or to coaches for private instruction. Private instruction with REIGN3D coaches is available by appointment only.