“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”
– Michael Jordan
Reign3d is devoted to serving passionate student-athletes whose skill reflects their unrelenting work ethic. For those young women and men there are no shortcuts. For those young women and men practice is not work, practice is their pursuit of becoming their very best self.
Those young women and men are uniquely Driven, Determined, and Dedicated — on and off the court — to become better than yesterday, every day. To those exceptional young women and men, Reign3D is here to support you!
  • Skills

    R3D Skill Sessions are designed to help any player at any experience level. Our Shot Lab is also a component of this curriculum.
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  • Performance

    Become stronger, faster, and more explosive with Strength, Speed & Agility Training (SSA) and take care of your mind and body in our Recovery Lab.
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  • College

    Get expert guidance from one of the best in the gameon how find your fit and get noticed at the next level.
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Quality Resources To
Produce Quality Experiences

    1. Elite High School Athletes

    Athletes looking to go from good to great, or great to scholarship must Reign!

    1. Beginner/Youth Athletes

    The path to any person’s greatest potential begins with a supportive and challenging environment.

    1. Parents of Athletes

    Reign3D was built to offer first-class facilities and services to your family all under one convenient roof!

    1. Casual Athletes

    College athletes, organizations searching for a location to conduct a camp or event… and others! Call to discuss how Reign3D can be of service.


Our core belief is in the Three D’s — Dedication, Drive, and Determination — are required for anyone to become better than yesterday, every day. That is how we Reign. For those who share in these values we offer personalized student-athlete development programs that cultivate in-game skills, improve sport-specific IQ, and maximize overall athletic talent; it is effort that can be translated to all aspects of one’s life for the rest of their lives!

At Reign3D we believe in earning your trust in us as a system and as coaches. The commitment to quality in our training and advanced knowledge will be compliment to our passion for living the lives of ahtletes. You will become the best student athlete you could ever hope to be by trusting us to be the best coaches we could ever be.

Because your success is our success.

That is our only scoreboard.

That, is how we Reign.